DMR Highlands and Islands Group

Network: DMR Brandmeister   |  Talkgroup 23558

The DMR Highlands and Islands Group brings together the DMR repeaters GB7BI, GB7II, GB7ILGB7SS, GB7OR and GB7BB to create an area of unrivalled DMR coverage in the North of Scotland.

It is with great sadness that we have learned that our friend Bob Stohlman, K4RCG has become silent key after a short illness.  Bob was a great fan and supporter of our weekly WSPR evenings and participated in the fun and banter with great gusto, taking pride in learning and using the local dialect!
We send our sincere sympathies to Bob’s wife and family at this sad time.  Some more information can be found here –> Robert A. Stohlman Obituary
A final “73 all the way around” Bob, from all of your friends in Scotland.

DMR is a TDMA mode (Time Division Multiple Access) which means that it allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing that signal into different time slots. Each frequency has a slot 1 or slot 2 and each slot can be used by different users. From an amateur point of view, using digital technology means that a single analogue repeater channel of 12.5Khz bandwidth can now effectively be doubled in capacity by carrying a digital signal comprising two 6.25Khz channels. This is achieved by very fast switching (typically 30msec) between the 2 digital timeslots that the mode provides (TS-1 & TS-2). Each repeater is also allocated a digital signature known as a Colour Code (CC) which is similar in function to CTCSS on analogue repeaters.

Users located outwith the Highlands and Islands (H&I) region (see map) are very welcome to use TG 23558 to communicate with stations located within the region but if neither station using TG 23558 is located within the H&I region, please consider changing to a more appropriate regional/chat talkgroup to allow stations within the H&I region to communicate.

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